Special Olympics World Winter Games – REACT Support!

Thank you to REACT Life Member Tom Jenkins, N7VOI for directly supporting the safety and security of the SOWWGs Wednesday, February 4th during the downtown events in Boise. Another example of REACT’s continued commitment to providing practical, useful public service while using our communications skills to further increase our value as volunteers!

Zeitgiest Half Marathon – General Area Maps

The following maps are approximations based on the map listed here at zhalfmarathon.com and do not represent the sanctioned race course. They are in 11×17 PDF format suitable for printing.

Aid Station Area Maps

Start/Finish Line Area

Seamans Gulch – Landfill Area

Seamans Gulch – Hilltop Area

Hidden Springs Area

Dry Creek Rd/Cartrwright Rd Area

Cartwright Rd/Pierce Park Rd Area

Pierce Park Rd Area

Hill Road/Hill Parkway Area – Miles 12-13-Finish Line

Mile Post Area Maps

Miles 1-3

Miles 4-6

Miles 7-9

Miles 10-12

Miles 12-13-Finish

Wide Area Course Map

Full Race Course

Zeitgeist Half Marathon – RF Plot Maps

Caution – These PDF files are in 11″x17″ format and designed specifically for printing – they are approximately 300 kb each.

All plots assume a 5 watt handheld with 0 dBi flexible antenna, center unit as a 10 watt mobile radio with 1/4 wave 2.15 dBi antenna.

These maps are for using a central net control stationary at the hilltop of Seamans Gulch Road.

Seamans Gulch Hilltop Coverage

Seamans Gulch Hilltop Coverage – Aid Stations Only

Seamans Gulch Hilltop Coverage – Mile Posts Only

The following maps are for Aid Station to other station coverage directly.

Hidden Springs Coverage

Dry Creek Rd/Cartwright Rd Coverage

Cartwright Rd/Pierce Park Rd Coverage

Pierce Park Road Coverage

Hill Parkway/Hill Rd Coverage

Tour de Fat Bicycle Event – 8/23/08

Thanks to those of you that helped out on this unusual, fun event 🙂

Event website – http://www.tour-de-fat.com/city/boise






A few random pics from the event itself

A "flower power" cruiser...

A "flower power" cruiser...

A high tech yellow thing bike

A high tech yellow thing bike

Another random bike Russ, N7SMA is trying to figure out

Another random bike Russ, N7SMA is trying to figure out

 As far as media coverage, Idaho #1 Website has 0 coverage…


The Statesman, however, did have a column inch story on the event, estimating about 2,000 cyclists and the like.