December 6, 2019 Repeater Update

Quick update on the repeater network status:

Wilderness Ridge

  • VHF coverage is impaired – DR-1X in high RF environment issue, to be resolved in the spring during Motorola upgrade.
  • UHF coverage is impaired – DR-1X transmit range does not match receiver range, to be resolve in the spring during Motorola upgrade.
  • Antenna still at temporary location on building, impairing coverage. To be resolved during spring work moving back up on to the telephone pole.
  • Repeater controller issues traced down to issues with firmware, unable to do further programming until firmware is upgraded locally in the spring. Functional for basic voice use at this time.
  • Looking at options for possible GMRS or LMR repeater at this site in the spring.

Crescent Rim

  • Antenna and feedline replaced, handheld coverage improved.
  • Pending Motorola upgrade project.
  • Now has S1 coverage in to Middleton, S5+ to Highway 16


  • Temporarily will be turned up for Middleton Parade at K6LOR QTH
  • May deploy permanent repeater at this location for future events
  • Shares frequency pair with Crescent Rim/different PL tone
  • Already have low power Motorola hardware for this location
  • Will need new repeater controller

Motorola Upgrade Project

  • Standardizing on the modern Motorola MTR2000 100 watt commercial repeater platform
  • Working with a vendor in Iowa for a quantity discount on all production repeaters plus spares
  • High performance preselector and interfacing for repeater controllers
  • Fully PC programmable and supported by local Motorola dealership, extensive repair part availability
  • Allows for a migration roadmap to MMVDM with the Kansas DMR Group plug in board for P25/YSF/DSTAR/DMR digital access; initially will be analog only

Portable Repeaters

  • Current available portable repeaters:
    • LMR 151/158 MHz suitcase repeater (K6LOR)
    • 146.780- PL88.5 solar repeater (needs new duplexer/retuned)
  • Future Repeaters
    • 3x DR-1X dual band portable repeaters for in band/cross band use

LMR Repeaters

  • Aligned GE/Harris Mastr III NB 151/158 MHz repeater ready for deployment
  • 2nd GE/Harris Mastr III spares with P25 gear for interfacing
  • Interest in a GMRS repeater in the Boise front area