New updated DMR Codeplugs

I’ve updated the Boise DMR MotoTRBO codeplugs for popular radios and fixed a zone naming issue. Old codeplugs have been moved in to the Old Codeplugs folder.

Right click to save as – these are NOT working in Microsoft Edge browser for some reason.

Connect Systems CS750

Tytera/TYT MD380 (may work with MD380G/MD390 versions as well – just copy and paste)

Motorola XPR4550 mobile

Motorola XPR6550 handheld

Also available is the 450-512 MHz split to Amateur conversion file in case you have a high split radio. READING the radio with this codeplug will reset it back to the factory split – just write and save, using the saved file moving forward.

Motorola XPR6550 450-512 modified codeplug for Amateur Use

73 all,