• 03Jan
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    I’ve updated the Boise DMR MotoTRBO codeplugs for popular radios and fixed a zone naming issue. Old codeplugs have been moved in to the Old Codeplugs folder.

    Right click to save as – these are NOT working in Microsoft Edge browser for some reason.

    Connect Systems CS750

    Tytera/TYT MD380 (may work with MD380G/MD390 versions as well – just copy and paste)

    Motorola XPR4550 mobile

    Motorola XPR6550 handheld

    Also available is the 450-512 MHz split to Amateur conversion file in case you have a high split radio. READING the radio with this codeplug will reset it back to the factory split – just write and save, using the saved file moving forward.

    Motorola XPR6550 450-512 modified codeplug for Amateur Use

    73 all,

    AJ, K6LOR

  • 12Jan
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    Happy New Year! It’s going to be a very busy year for VWR. Your help is needed to make the events we support go smoothly. Volunteer now!

    On the topic of repeaters, DMR aka MotoTRBO had a very big year in 2014, with 3 times as many active repeaters on DMR-MARC as there were in 2013. We are working together to find the best solution that will serve the community.

    If you are interested in DMR aka MotoTRBO, please contact me at aj.grantham at gmail dot com!

  • 20Sep
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    Sorry for the downtime everyone! The domain name that this site’s DNS points to expired a couple days ago and I thought it was set up to automatically renew. Oddly enough it wasn’t. So when it expired, the private NS entries dropped out and hosed several other sites. We’re back up!

    Major thanks to everyone that came out this morning to assist on Fit One 2014 put on by the folks at St Luke’s. No major issues and things ran pretty smoothly. This year the organizers were on DMR rental radios (Motorola MotoTRBO XPR6550s) so we were only able to communicate with them using the one spare radio they had. In years past they’ve been on analog narrowband UHF that we were able to communicate directly with. Major improvement over last year as logistics was on simplex and medical was on the only repeater. This year both medical and logistics were on the repeater (different timeslots).

    Quick edit – handhelds used were XPR6550s, not the mobile XPR4550 🙂

  • 27May
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    We’re putting together a Field Day team for June 28-29 with set up starting after 5 pm on Friday June 27. This will be at a location in south Caldwell. Email me if you are interested or call me directly.

    -AJ, K6LOR

  • 02Apr
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    For more information on DMR/MOTOTRBO, check out DMR-MARC at their website here.

  • 18Dec
    Categories: Information, Site Updates Comments Off on 2014 Team Officers

    President – Russ Dunn, N7SMA
    Vice President – Wade Hales, KD7VNS
    Treasurer – David Lowenstein, K6CWD
    Secretary – Tim Brewer, WA7TJB

  • 18Dec
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    President – Russ Dunn
    Vice President – Wade Hales
    Treasurer – David Lowenstein

  • 10Oct
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    Sorry for the downtime while I was in Utah visiting family, the web hosting company changed server IP addresses and the changes for DNS did not take place as they were suppose to. Back to smooth sailing!

  • 12Apr
    Categories: Site Updates Comments Off on Willow Creek 2012 is this weekend!

    If you haven’t already volunteered to help with the Willow Creek Boy Scout Invitational camp on Saturday 4/14/2012, please call or email myself, Russ or Tim ASAP!

  • 20Mar
    Categories: Site Updates Comments Off on Webmaster Wanted

    Valley Wide REACT is looking for a webmaster to maintain this site, vwreact.org, along with acting as team photographer. If you’re interested in this volunteer position, please email AJ at aj@k6lor.com.