• 11Apr
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    The special event station W7C will be operated April 14, 2018 at the Willow Creek Boy Scout Invitational Camp, 14 miles north of Emmett, Idaho on the west side of Squaw Butte or approximately 35 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho.

    Operated by Hoot Gibson, KB7RBX, this HF and VHF special event station will demonstrate Amateur Radio to over 300 Boy Scouts, Venturers, Webelos, Cub Scouts and Civil Air Patrol Cadets as part of a demonstration area including Civil War Reenactors, Smokejumpers from the McCall USFS base, a blacksmith and much more.

    The demo area is one of 10 stations the participants rotate through on Saturday as part of the competition, which also includes fire building, Scout knowledge, marksmanship, first aid, flag etiquette and more.

    To receive a special event QSL certificate confirming your contact with station W7C, please send a letter sized self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to the communications coordinator:

    AJ Grantham, K6LOR

    W7C Special Event Station

    583 Valley Street

    Middleton, Idaho 83644 USA

  • 12Jan
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    Happy New Year! It’s going to be a very busy year for VWR. Your help is needed to make the events we support go smoothly. Volunteer now!

    On the topic of repeaters, DMR aka MotoTRBO had a very big year in 2014, with 3 times as many active repeaters on DMR-MARC as there were in 2013. We are working together to find the best solution that will serve the community.

    If you are interested in DMR aka MotoTRBO, please contact me at aj.grantham at gmail dot com!

  • 20Sep
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    Sorry for the downtime everyone! The domain name that this site’s DNS points to expired a couple days ago and I thought it was set up to automatically renew. Oddly enough it wasn’t. So when it expired, the private NS entries dropped out and hosed several other sites. We’re back up!

    Major thanks to everyone that came out this morning to assist on Fit One 2014 put on by the folks at St Luke’s. No major issues and things ran pretty smoothly. This year the organizers were on DMR rental radios (Motorola MotoTRBO XPR6550s) so we were only able to communicate with them using the one spare radio they had. In years past they’ve been on analog narrowband UHF that we were able to communicate directly with. Major improvement over last year as logistics was on simplex and medical was on the only repeater. This year both medical and logistics were on the repeater (different timeslots).

    Quick edit – handhelds used were XPR6550s, not the mobile XPR4550 🙂

  • 02May
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    I’ve updated the format of the Event Calendar page and include the new Agenda format to allow easy printing of the next several events. Check it out!


  • 17Apr
    Categories: Events Comments Off on 4-20-11 Important Monthly Meeting

    At this monthly meeting we are privileged to receive traffic control training from a certified teacher.  Please clear everything else on your calendar and join us for this very important training.

  • 26Jan
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    Amazing how quickly the year goes by. Over the next few months I’ll try to add updates from the 22 some-odd events that happened between Willow Creek 2010 and now… But in the meanwhile, Willow Creek 2011 is almost upon us and has moved to a new weekend! This subsequently removes the previous conflict for volunteers that couldn’t decide between helping on Willow Creek, the Race to Robie Creek or the Riggins Jet Boat Races. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, April 9 for Willow Creek 2011. RSVP to myself, K6LOR or Russ, N7SMA. More details to follow…

  • 20Oct
    Categories: Events Comments Off on Help Request – 11/7/09 Veteran’s Day Parade & Zeitgeist Half Marathon

    We have both the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Boise and the Zeitgiest Half Marathon. Typically each even would take us to the limits of our available resources, however, with both events running at the same time, we need as many volunteers as possible. Contact Russ, N7SMA at n7sma@arrl.net or AJ, K6LOR at k6lor@arrl.net ASAP.

    Veteran’s Day Parade Maps:
    Entire Route Detail

    Capitol & Main Intersection DRAFT control plan

    Entire Route Overview – print on Legal size paper

  • 26Apr
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    The REACT Event Calendar link has been added to the “Pages” category at the top right hand side of each page. It can also be accessed directly by clicking here.

  • 05Apr
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    A few event pics submitted by Russ, N7SMA!

    Click on each picture for full size version.

    From left to right:

    Tim (WA7TJB), Dave (KB7SQJ), AJ (K6LOR), Ed (W7IZZ), Keiko (KE7ULJ), Vern (KC7YUI), Bob (W3OFA), Brian (W7CVS), Marcus (KE7BAA) & Wade (KD7VNS)

    Event Briefing

    Ed, Dave & Keiko

    Ed, Dave & Keiko

  • 01Apr
    Categories: Events Comments Off on Willow Creek Boy Scout Invitational 2009

    Willow Creek is upon us!

    April 18, 2009 – 0800 to 1800


    Map available by clicking here.

    Pictures are clickable links.

    Willow Creek Boy Scout Invitational - Main Camp

    Willow Creek - Flag Station across the valley